Recent Activities

Faculty Refreshment Program

The FOM organized a Faculty Refreshment Program for the faculties of colleges and school on May 29-30, 2020. It was a two days program with focus on giving new meaning to teaching pedagogy, presentation skills and new sets of skills needed for teaching online. It had four prominent speakers, who are expert in their own fields. Prof. Satheesh Kumar, ex-Wipro Master Trainer, Prof. Dr. Mahananda Chalise, Dr. Sandesh Das Shrestha and Dr. Roshan Rathi from LCCI. The training was attended by more than 150 faculties and participants had wonderful experiences in getting new insight to improve their teaching skills. 

Management Research Committee had its meeting to discuss on the agenda related to MPhil and PhD program on 14th July, 2020. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Biju Kumar Thapalia, Dean, FOM and members of the MRC Prof. Prem Raj Pant, Prof. Dr. Radheshyam Pradhan, Prof. Dr. V C L Das, Prof. Dr. Min Raj Dhakal, Prof. Dr. Sadaya Hamal and Dr. Uttam Kumar Regmi attended the meeting at Dean office. Some of the members were present virtually in the meeting. The meeting was graced by Vice-Chancellor of Purbanchal University Prof. Dr. Yadav Raj Koirala who was also earlier member of the MRC.

New Appointments

Dr. Uttam Kumar Regmi, has been appointed as Director of the MPhil and PhD program of the FOM, PU for a tenure of three years from 1st of Shrawan, 2077 as per the decision of the Executive committee of the university. He takes the position which was vacant after Prof. Dr. Biju Kumar Thapalia was appointed as Dean, FOM, PU. Associate professor Dr. Uttam Kumar Regmi has vast experience in teaching and research activities. He has completed his PhD from Molde University, Norway in the area of Air Transportation. He has book chapters and articles published in international journals. We wish him successful tenure.

Dr. Sandesh Das Shrestha, Associate Professor from PUSOM, has been nominated to member of Management Research Committee since 2nd Sharawn, 2077. This is the high level committee which makes policies and plan for PhD and MPhil in management run by Purbanchal University under FOM.

Prof. Dr. Sadaya Hamal from PUSOM has been appointed as Chairperson of the Subject committee of Management and Administration program. This subject committee looks after the MBA, EMBA and BBA program syllabus. The committee is restructured to include some of the prominent face of faculties in the area of Management. From industry, Mr Suyesh Phyakurel, First VP of CIM and Regional Manager of Prabhu Bank, Mr Badri Katwal are appointed to the Subject Committee as members. FOM wishes the new committee for wonderful contribution and thanks the previous committee members for their contributions.

Ms. Dali Khanal from Gateway School of Hotel Management, Kathmandu has been appointed as the Chairperson of the subject committee of Hotel Management programs. The committee is created to reflect the need of the industry and have been richly represented by experienced Hotelier. FOM wishes the new committee all the best for their academic contribution and equally thanks the previous committee members for their wonderful contribution.

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